Lilac falls series



I've received the rights back to my first book, Heiress: Lost/Found. Stay tuned for information of its release.

The Rancher's Dozen

Possible Cover

Book Two of the Lilac Falls series is almost complete. Stay tuned for news regarding publication and release.

Diner Girl Princess - The Glendaria Trilogy Book 1

Book Three in the Lilac Falls series is in the works. Stay tuned for pubishing and release information.

Red Falcon - Glendaria Trilogy Book 2

 Part 2 of the Glendaria story.

Royal Flush - Glendaria Trilogy Book 3

Finale of the Glendaria story.

lilac falls series -- shamrock warriors


This is the first of a  four book inspirational series with a paranormal suspense element.

Non-triplet of quadruple sisters. Base of shamrock birthmark.


This is a prospective cover for book 2.

First triplet, right shamrock petal birthmark.


This is a prospective cover for book 4.

Second triplet, top shamrock petal birthmark


This is a possible cover for book 4.

Third triplet, left shamrock petal birthmark.